How Creative Are You?

The following puzzels will challenge the creativity and the flexibility of your mind.  Since the puzzel was developed, few have solved more that half of the 24 questions in the first try. Many, however, reported getting answers long after the test had been set aside …Particularly at unexpected moments when their minds were relaxed… and some reported solving all the questions over a period of several days. Take this as your personal challenge.

Example:  24 = H in a D
Answer: 24 = Hours in a Day

a.26= L of the A
b.7= W of the W
c.7 = D of the W
d.12= S of the Z
e.52= C in a D
f.52= W in a Y
g.9= P in the S S or is it now ( 8= P in the S S)
h.88= P K
i.32= D F at which W F
j.18 = H on a G C
k.90 = D in a R A
l.8= S on an O
m.8= S on a S S
n.3= B M ( S H T R)
o.4= Q in a G
p.24 = H in a D
q.1= W on a U
r.57= H V
s.1000=  W that  a P is W
t.12= I in a F
u.29= D in F in a L Y
v.40= D and N of the G F
w.3.14159= P
x.2001= S O
Y.Make up your own and submit it to : submit your puzzel here

For answers, click here.

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